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LIKE Electronic hold "Light the Passion, flying dream" outdoor expansion
From:     Date:2012-09-10

     24-25 August 2012, organized by the Division a novel, rich in content and form of far-reaching significance to "ignite passion, flying dream" as the theme of outdoor expansion. Outward Bound training activities. Outward Bound overnight visit, truly bring a spiritual baptism of thought to all trainees sublimation.

Expand training activities, we all went back to the 16-year-old was young, here, there is no gender-specific, and not the level of duties, not the poor and the rich, and only our team to face the same difficulties and challenges.

All our staff total is divided into three teams, and the team as a unit to complete the challenge! We participate: "Challenge 150", "target market", "across the grid", "rapid time frame '" weatherproof Life "," graduation Wall "project. Overcome to achieve goals through active participation in every boutique activities encountered difficulties, a team to complete the task, and then we reflect on the discussion and to identify the lessons of failure and success experience. give my shock and inspired to be a permanent spiritual wealth.

     The team needs goals! In the workplace and in life, regardless of the company, department and individual or family needs to have clear and reasonable goals, ideals! Only a clear target to make the effort, or is white bother!

     Team need faith, trust, communication! With the goals we need to firmly toward your goal, do not compromise, do not give up! The process of achieving goals we need to trust our teammates, and in constant communication and coordination to find better methods of work and more harmonious coexistence!

     The team needs to continue to accumulate! Failure and success is often only one step away, failed to seek to success! Good methods and experience will always be a team and personal wealth!

The team needs to Thanksgiving! Colleagues love to arouse parents and children, between husband and wife, the love between brothers and sisters, and enhance our sense of gratitude. Live and work in the future, I will be infected with gratitude every family, every colleague, every child, and into the power of life and work.

If the heart is changed, to follow change your attitude; attitude change, and change with your habits; habits change, you change with character; personality changes, change with your life. The two-day outdoor training, makes me more deeply aware of the potential for a more personal experience to a great team. Since then, trust, unity, communication, self-confidence, responsibility, and will become indispensable in our work spirit!