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Wake-up Light: A011


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The light becomes stronger and stronger from0,15mins,30mins,45mins, 60mins to 75mins,...

The noceable difference is the much brighter and the new color. In addition, pass CE standard from SGS.
Like a warm sunrise, the sun alarm wakes you naturally, with energy for the day ahead! The special built-in light gradually increases in intensity, simlating a natural sunrise.Your body wakes instinctively, as if waking with the sunlight.


1. Simulated sunrise*sunset control buttons--great feature for hearing impaired!
2. Wake with the sun or fall asleep to a sunset.This feature can be activated at intervals from 15 to 120 minutes, gradually increasing or decreasing brightness of light to simulate either the sunrise or the sunset.
Note: sunset--great feature for kid's and adult's rooms
3. 5 minutes snooze feature with sunrise
4. FM radio with auto scan, dimable intensity lamp lamp and vulume.
5. wake to radio, natural sound or alarm--great for heavy sleeper.
6. a great alarm clock for the hearing impaired!
7. integration sleep function: adopt 4 kinds of sleep combination mode:
    Natural music timing sleep
    radio timing sleep 
    Natural music + table lamp timing sleep
    Radio + table lamp timing sleep

8. Blue or Orange LCD backlight for your choice.



Specification :
-Out put 60W
-Voltage AC110V or AC 230V
-Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
-Lamp life 1000 hrs
-Cable length 1.8M