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Sudoku & Kakuro: G836


  • Summary
  • Features
  • Specification

1. Multi-functional 9X9 sudoku game machine, which considers user's customs, adds time display, alarm clock and other functions.

2. It facilitates the users to set required warning time as required.

3. The user can input the subject, with self-check function.

4. Besides 9X9, 6X6 and calculator are provided.

5. It also contains a one million tests bank.

6. To avoid pressing the key incorrectly during operation, different warning tones are provided for each key.

7. If the user wants to suspend the game and continue the next time, save function is used.

8. When you can not find the right answer, the password key can be used to view the answer.

9. Backlight design is applicable foruse in daytime or night.