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30Q: G864


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Magic points of 30Q are: as the player image one object in his mind, by answer the questions from the game machine, the game machine will guess the object out with no more than 30 questions. The game machine is like a trickster. Accuracy rate depends on understanding of the object in all aspects of the player. During playing, the player will become more familiar with understanding, classification, judge and induction of the features of objects. It is not only a game machine, but also a tool for developing intelligence. Round and smooth cobble shape expresses the innovation of magic lapidary.


1.Lattice and lighting display;

2.Built-in animal, sports, vehicles, electronic apparatus and other products;

3.Funny menu hint;

4.Sound hint;

5.YES, NO, SOMETIME, RARELY, UNKNOWN and other answers increasing accuracy rate of the answers.

6. Key buckle design for portability.



Unit dimension : 6  x 9 x 3.2cm

Unit packing size: 18 x 21 x 142cm

CTN size: 53.4 x 44.5 x 41cm

Boxing Quantity: 60pcs/CTN