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Weather station with clock radio MP3


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1 Time display

2.Dual-alarm function

3.Date display, display range: January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2099;

4.Sleep function

5.FM Radio function (PLL radio, FM frequency display)

6.Volume adjust

7.MP3 function, can connect USB or SD card

8.433MHZ Wireless frequency to receive 3 channels of outdoor temperature;

9. Outdoor temperature display

10.Indoor humidity /temperature recorded

11. Weather forecast and trend display

12. External audio player, you can plug in external audio player.


Dimensioni: 15,7 x 6,3 x 11 cm
FM: 87,5-108 MHz
Adaptor: 9V,1000mA
Backup battery : 9V

Compatibilità file su supporto USB/SD: Formato MP3

Giftbox size: 173 x 128 x 120mm

CTN size: 405 x 365 x 505mm, 24pcs/CTN